Customer Section

Q- How long will it take to ship my items?
A- Most items on Mug Mall are shipped out within three (3) business days, unless otherwise posted. If you have not received your items in a resonable span of time, please contact us immediately.

Q- Can I purchase without registering?
A- Yes. If you choose not to register, you can shop and make purchases as a Guest by choosing the "Guest Checkout" option. We do recommend that you Register. By creating an account you will be able to shop faster, be up to date on an order's status, and keep track of the orders you have previously made. In addition, certain products may have a "members" discount if you are logged in and using coupon code: " members ".

Q- Why did I receive my order in different boxes and on different days?
A- An order may contain items from different vendors or suppliers. These orders may be handled by each vendor individually. That is why your items may be delivered seperately.

Q- What if I get my order in a damaged/bad condition?
A- We and or vendors are careful not to damage your orders after packaging and shipping them for you. If your order happens to be damaged, you can inform us and get a return merchandise authorization to return the items.

Q- Do I need to do anything after I receive the items?
A- No, but it would be nice to hear from you as we love to hear about our customers experience. If you are willing to give us your feedback, please Click Here.


Mug of the Month Club

Q- What excatly is the "Mug of the Month Club"?
A- The Mug of the Month Club is a membership that you can join to automatically receive a random Mug from us each month.

Q- When do you send the Mug?
A- We send the first mug out within 2 days of placing your order. The remaining 11 Mugs are sent out at the end of the month so that you can have it for the begining of the following month

Q- What type of Mugs do you send?
A- We send general mugs which are non-occassional and/or we may try to match Mugs to the profile you stated. ie: Gender, Birthdate, Hobbies, Etc.  All vintage mugs are in good condition with no chips.

Q- What happens if I do not like the mug?
A- You can return the mug and we will ship out another mug. You just pay for shipping.

Q- How can I join the Mug of the Month Club?
A- Simply go to the Mug of the Month Club, and make the purchase. Shipping is included in the package price.

Q- What are the Coffee or Tea options?
A- We ship a sample of Coffee or Tea with each Mug. Select either Coffee or Tea when ordering the "Mug of the Month Club".

Seller Section

Q- I want to be a Seller/Vendor. How can I sell my Mugs through your site?
A- To be able to sell your mugs on mugmall you need to first "Sign Up As a Vendor".

Q- What do you charge to sell my Mugs on Mug Mall?
A- There are no listing fees, monthly fees or sales fees. A commission for the sale is deducted from your proceeds. The current seller commission is simply 20% (we take just twenty cents out of each dollar). The commission is applied only when a sale is complete.

Q- How will I receive the payments for my Mugs sales?
A- We pay vendors immediately upon Check-out through PayPal. The moment the consumer pays for it, your PayPal account gets funded. This is great for your cash flow. You get paid before you ship your products.

Q- Do I need a PayPal account?
A- Yes, you need an active PayPal account in order to sell on Mug Mall. If you want to make other payment arrangements Contact Us.

Q- What if some of my items do not fit in any of the categories listed?
A- If your items do not fit into any of the Mug Mall categories, place them under "Misc" and we may create an appropriate category for your item(s).

Q- Do I need to pay to register with the site as a seller?
A- No. Sellers can Sign up as a Vendor for free. The sales commission is per order after you receive them through the site.

A- How do I log-in to my Sellers Dashboard?
Q- Click Here to Log-in as a Seller/Vendor or go to " mugmall.com/admin "

Q- How do I Add my Mugs to Mug Mall?
A- View our product Step by Step guide Click Here.

Q- How can I place my product on your "Featured" section"?
A- If you are interested it featuring your item on "Mug Mall" please Contact Us for more information. 


Affiliate Section

Q- How can I become an affiliate of your site?
A- You can become an affiliate by registering under the Affiliates Section

Q- How are affiliates paid after registration?
A- You will be paid for the purchase(s) you refer to us. We pay 2% of the purchase amount, as affiliate commission.

Q- When will I receive the payments?
A- We pay our affiliates by the 10th day for the following month the sale was made. A minimum of $20 is required for payout and the unpaid balance will be rolled over to the next month.